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To: A better life is a semi-interactive storytelling game about the refugee crisis happening at the moment. The game tells the story of 3 young men and is split into 3 sequences.

The story is revealed through letters of the players closest friends. They desribe their life and what they have in common - their glimpse of hope.

Simultaneously, you have to coordinate a refugee boat in the middle  of the ocean, at night.

Come and find out the destiny of 3 young men and where they are now.

Complete Devlog in this google document: Prototyping: To: A Better Life (Desk & Survive at the sea)

[Important note: this game is still not finished, it was our entry for the A MAZE Game Jam "Out of the frame" 2018.]

It was showcased during A MAZE Festival 2018 in Berlin:

(photo: Martin Linnartz)

Updated 13 days ago
StatusOn hold
AuthorsDanOtt, ampaloue


To: A Better Life 0.1 17 MB
To: A Better Life 0.2 26 MB
To: A Better Life 0.3 18 MB
To: A Better Life 0.4 19 MB

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